Jump Into The Frying Pan

Sometimes big life lessons present themselves in quirky little ways.

Another beautiful morning, everyone in the house – in some form or another – and no place to go. The coffee is hot, good insightful articles in the life section of the paper, all is great.

A wonderful moment to appreciate the simple things in life that maybe some of us take for granted. A time to be grateful for everything in our lives. A brief moment in time to remind myself of everything I have.

In stark contrast, I am aware of the technologies around me. My phones ability to send music to a speaker, situated in a separate room. A thermostat that senses our movement and adjusts to our pre-program request. A conversation with my son, who is eight hours away. My IPad sits on the hearth in front of our fireplace, family face time for everyone in the room to converse with my son who lives 850 km away. Just his head, no torso, arms or legs – a kind of ‘Max Headroom’ experience (for anyone around in the mid-80’s).

Just out of the corner of my eye, I witness my daughter practising her UFC fighting skills on our nonstick frying pan. Maybe to the younger generation, nonstick hardly seems innovated compared to my son’s head vicariously floating in space in front of the fireplace. However, nonstick was cutting edge back in the day. Evan today you can’t put the TV on without an informercial preaching the virtuous properties of a non-stick pan. Just imagine how all of our chaotic lives would be saved if only our frying pans could be wiped clean in one easy swipe. Imagine what we could accomplish in our time-sensitive lives if we could free ourselves from cookware clean up. These pans are indestructive. Marketing to our sense of logic, they do everything to these frying pans – burn stuff, broil ball bearings, chip chunks of cement or hit it with a hammer. All the things we generally want to do with our cookware right!

Nevertheless, on this day, something more subtle happens. A unique and somewhat unbelievable phenomenal occurred. The eggs stuck to our nonstick frying pan! My daughter was scrubbing the frying pan as if she were going to release a genie from a bottle. “You used the wrong pan” I murmured. “How is there a better nonstick pan dad” she replied. Our family conundrum was at a full standstill. Something was sticking to the non-stick frying pan. It’s not supposed to, the commercials say so. The order of life, as we know it to be, has been flipped upside down.

Lots of life lessons ran through my head at that time. First and foremost not everything in life works the way it’s supposed to. Sometimes, we don’t get to slide through life. It takes hard work to unstick ourselves at times. Second, what’s promise to us doesn’t always occur. Learning to manage your expectations when things don’t turn out the way you want is part of everyone’s personal development. Perseverance to overcome life’s hiccups is, in essence, life itself.

However we may slide or glide through life’s journey, inevitably one thing is certain – we are going to feel stuck from time to time. There are always lessons to learn if we choose to see them. There is still something positive hidden in all you’re life’s sticky situations. It’s your willingness to seek the positives and learn from your experiences. And, remember when the next time you feel like you are in the wrong frying pan – consider your options.