How many times have the same patternS of your behaviour brought about the same results?

The new year brings optimism and the sense of a fresh start. The chance to begin something new. A marker in time that represents a new beginning. We often see the ending. We feel exhilaration with the thought of our new self, but swiftly remind ourselves of our previous failures and our shortcomings.

It’s a cycle of the same pattern over and over; whether it’s getting more fit, losing weight, meditating or changing our lives in some small manner to live as our more authentic, true selves. When we continue to recycle the same thoughts and beliefs about ourselves we continue to bring the same occurrences, outcomes and results we have had in the past.

Buddhism refers to this pattern of behaviour as Samsara. Einstein refers to it as insanity; keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different results.

After a long deliberation with my ‘internal self’ – I have decided to resurrect my Change4Life personal development program.

Join me on a personal journey of self discovery and growth. I will be hosting a series of talks, discussions and I will be posting insightful information to challenge your conventional thinking and open up your heart and mind to all that is possible.


Stay tuned

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