Hope To See You Soon

Well with every hello there has to be a goodbye. It was kind of quiet in the car ride to the airport, a somewhat different energy was in this car ride compared to others. Over the past 6 days we travelled to all theses wonderful and picturesque areas in Wales and England. This car ride was different, we already saw this point of interest, although it was at night (3:30 am we had a little delay when we arrived) we knew exactly what to expect.

My son sitting in the back seat with his 17-year-old cousin – began to express his philosophy in only the way he can. Good – byes are always difficult but sometimes if we attach some hope to the next encounter it feels a little easier. There was a little discussion the night before that maybe my brother – in law and his family would go see his parents in Florida and maybe we could meet up with them. The other option was that maybe they would come to our house next summer. Either way we wouldn’t see them for a while.

On the way to the airport, Fraser broke the silence with one of his philosophical moments; he said to his 17-year-old cousin “rather than hoping to see you next summer, we should hope to see each other at christmas – then we won’t have to hope as long.”

You are in control of your hope so use it to your advantage, use it often and make sure the expiry date is short.

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