Victory and Defeat

Well just an update – the Burlington Thunder lost in a shootout in the finals to a team from Spain. We did score a goal that was disallowed – don’t want to be complaining, but if I am able to attach the link I will post it. The shootout was thrilling they scored two goals and we missed all of ours (Fraser hit the post -blog post to come). The boys and their parents were able to experience victory 48 hours later when we all spilled into the streets and into the town square to celebrate Spain’s world cup victory. None of us will ever forget the experience. Win or lose our lives have been changed forever.

One thought on “Victory and Defeat

  1. Great job guys! its to bad that it came down to that but it sounds like it was an awesome tourney. I always thought soccer refs were better and more trained than hockey refs… i guess i was wrong…
    (ps Fraser… If i were you, i would check if that goalpost is square)
    Ttyl and have a great holiday!

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