What Pooh Bear Taught Me On Vacation

Well it was a long day of travel – but we made it. A long flight through the night while everyone around you is sleeping is a wonderful time for self thought. It’s wonderful what our minds can think of when we have time to think. More often then not we tend to fill our minds with itinerary and what’s next. Actually two nights before leaving I was doing the same thing. We started to skip ahead to the big travel day. When I did this I actually took away from the trip experience. You see in the book ‘The Tao of Pooh’ Winnie spends his time in wonderful anticipation and fascination of the mere chance of finding honey. Sure, Winnie is disappointed when he eventually sniffs out an empty pot of honey, but his rather seemingly sad and troubled response is soon forgotten. He immediately places himself in the present moment and recognizes his opportunity of finding honey again. Winnie’s life is a constant in the moment opportunity of finding honey and the pleasure it brings. The great thing is the moment after he finds honey, his attention immediately returns to the chance of finding more and the day to day pleasure it brings. So we are in control of our in the moment thoughts – we just sometimes let them get away from us.


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  1. touching… i like pooh bear too, hope ur having a great trip so far fraz and family… keep me updated on what you guys are doing and how the actual soccer games turn out. talk to you later…


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