You Learn Lots About Yourself When You Pack

Well the last weekend before leaving and we began to pack.  If we could only watch ourselves from a ‘third party kind of way’ we just might figure out why we think the way we do.  I realized that I tend to over think the most insignificant items in my life – yet for much more difficult decisions, I tend to be very instinctual.  You see I have this mini playoff in my head on my favorite, shirts, jeans, shorts and unmentionables.  It’s kind of external force, that somehow enters my thoughts.  As if  to say ‘think really hard about the most trivial items and you will ensure the vacation your life. 

That same day I spoke with my brother in-law about a few details of our travel.  When we were signing off, I said we will see you in a few weeks.  He mentioned that he and his family just couldn’t wait to see us.  It hit home.  The magnitude of our trip hit the core of my being.  We are travelling to Europe for three weeks.  I am excited for my wife and children. 

After hanging up the phone, I sat in the living room silently and was truly overwhelmed.  The trip is about the experience, friends and family.  It’s about life long memories and removing excuses about visiting your family oversea.  It’s about doing it now rather than waiting for some other time that may be better.  It’s about enjoying your life and the wonderful opportunities within it.  

I am a little uncertain why I was so emotional after I hung up the phone.  But, one thing I am certain about –  is that it probably has nothing to do with my favorite socks and underwear I’m bringing.

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