My Grade 8 Graduation Speech – By Emma Kirk

When I reflect back on my first day of school at CRB, I could never have imagined that I would be standing in front of you today.  →It feels like I have been given a blank canvas to paint a picture of the life we have shared together at CRB.

Where to begin and where should I end? 

 Like many masterpieces they are only moments in time – a snap shot – of the artists view and interpretation of their surroundings.

 Tonight →I would like to paint a picture for you in your mind.  The great thing about the painting in each of our minds is that it will be different.

 To help demonstrate this point, take a look around the gym. →We have all have created portraits of ourselves. Even though we all had the same instructions look at how different everybody’s portrait is. →

 Even the finest pieces of art are interpreted differently.

  For some the picture in your mind will include→ little babies growing up right in front of their eyes. →  For others they will see the next generation of teachers, doctors, business men and women or human right activists. Other’s they will see the graduation gift and party that lies around the corner. →→→→→→

The point is each one of us has the exceptional ability to be unique and capable.

 I decided that my picture will be an abstract painting, because when I layer it with all the great memories I have had at CRB there would be a multitude of colours all mixed together.

 There is a saying that ‘We do not remember days, we remember moments.’

 So my painting will be filled with a series of moments in time.

 Time in the dictionary→ is defined as the continuous passage of existence→ in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the future, →through the present, →to a state of finality in the past 

 If we all take a moment and think about time, it’s easy to understand that our lives are filled with lots of little moments. → For myself I kind of wonder where all of those moments have gone and I’m sure most of you do to.

 Wow, we are off to high school next year (cheer) →→→

  Moment by moment our lives are filled with experiences that define who we are and who we may grow up to be.

  When we look back, I hope we realize that all of the friendships made at CRB, → the teachers that have guided us, → our parents advice good and bad →and the time when we all told jokes coming back from Quebec, has helped each one of us become the people we are today.

 Our lives have been shaped by similar and different experiences.  Yet we all sit here today with the common ground of graduating GRADE 8.

 Our experiences have produced moments of fun and laughter, and moments of tears and worries.

 There were first moments; learning to ski or staying over night at Brock.

 There were band medals, wonderland and spoons with Mrs. Andrews.  Tarzan ropes, Muskoca, rock band with Mr. O Grady and circus school, Moguls and the streets of Quebec.

 First break, second break and pizza day.  →Sorry Mom and Dad there were good lunches and bad ones. 

 Hot days cold days and the best of all snow days. →→→ 

 There was school tragedy and school triumph.

 There was whispering in class and talking by the locker, → the gym, →the library, the portables the………you get the idea.

No matter how you look into the past it is these moments that have united us here today, which are all moments in my life that I will never forget.

 Remembering these moments are powerful because they can lift your spirit when you’re feeling down.

 The great thing about my painting is that these same moments will help shape who we are and challenge us on who we will become.

 Moments will challenge us to make hard decisions – that may sometimes not turn out the way we want. →→→ But the great thing about moments is that there will always be another.

 Moments will teach us that we always have decisions in life – that’s why I want to include moments in my picture

 Moments are opportunities to be great. Anything and everything you do is a moment.  Some you will remember and some you will forget.  Some you will choose to forget and some you won’t be able to.  That’s why I want to paint this picture.  So I won’t forget.

 Today we will stand here before our parents graduating from Grade 8.  They have watched us grow up from babies all the way to teenagers; they too wonder where their moments have gone. 

 The only exception to this rule is a certain person in my family who keeps having another 29th birthday. →→→

 Our parents paint a different picture then ours today but I am certain it includes a swoosh of pride, a dabble of envy and a whole lot of love.

 One thing is for sure this moment is a great feeling. → It’s filled with friendship, excitement, wonder, and emotions. →We can feel the love from our family and friends and the pride our teachers have for us.

 Time is interesting that way. It never stops, and nor will it ever.

 The moments that surround us will keep coming, some good some bad but either way they will never stop. It’s exciting to think of what moments lay ahead of us.

 I would like to ask all the graduates to take a moment tomorrow to paint one colour with one stroke of a paint brush on this canvas to help me create an abstract painting of today’s graduation.

 Remember John Lennon once said

          ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality”

 But for this moment, thanks for making this a great graduating class I will never forget.

 When I look at the painting in my mind, I realized that I painted a beautiful picture filled with love, friendships, and laughter and I couldn’t have painted it any other way.

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