She Is A Teenager

My daughter is growing up.  We celebrated a birthday recently – it wasn’t mine but somehow I felt older.  It didn’t seem long ago the birth of my first child arriving.  My wife and I thought we would have our first child before she turned thirty and our beautiful daughter arrived the day before my wife turned thirty.  Thirteen years later and …..where has the time gone?  My daughter is a remarkable human being.  Thoughtful, caring and empathetic to people and issues around her.  Her wonderful sense of humour lends to her personality.  She never allows my wife or I to leave the house without saying “I love you”.  There are times I am overwhelmed with emotion with just the thought of her.  You can imagine the feelings on ‘her’ birthday.  The frightening thing I started to speed ahead of time.  Next year high school, then maybe off to school somewhere.  I allowed my mind to keep going and she was out of the house living her life.  Successful, confident and creating a loving atmosphere for her own family one day.  She is a true reflection of her mothers brilliance.  It was another one of those moments that reminded me why we are taught to live in the moment. Even tough it wasn’t my birthday – I realize the gifts that I had that day.

One thought on “She Is A Teenager

  1. Nice…… Loving and living – in the NOW!
    Little ones can provide big insight.
    My son is growing so quickly it reminds me how speedy life is.
    Everyday, “golden moments” are always present.
    Timely reminder!

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