First Practice With The New Team

A Year in the Life of a Hockey Parent


Well to help me stay committed to my blog entries I have decided to write my rendition of being a hockey parent.  Wow, I am sure I just made everyone around me uncomfortable; after all we all know how hockey parents can be.  Well it is my intention – of course – to take a different spin on my experience and hope that anyone who reads this may find some humour, emotional connection or a simple lesson in life.


I know we all have pre – conceived notions of what a hockey parent may be but I wonder if we really know where their intentions come from.  Believe me, after watching my son play rep soccer for a summer, we hockey parents have nothing on the soccer parents.  It’s only natural that we want the best for our children.  As parents we want them to succeed – we stress and get nervous with the thought of failure.  We defend our children at all costs and look for others to support our views.    What’s most interesting is that maybe our children should be watching over us.  It is our children who can probably teach us about the small things in life – those simple things that surround the sport of hockey that may be cherished for life.


I feel the only way to start off the season is a reflection of my son’s comments prior to his first practice with his new team.  My son was fortunate to receive a position on his new team.  But, there was still a decision to be made on the other goalie.  All the parents know each other as do the children.  The boys know each other and have built friendships with each other along the way.  My son was packing his bag to get ready for his first practice with his new team.  Sensitive to the situation of the other goalies, he asked me if we could arrive earlier then normal at the rink.


He actual said “ Dad I know sometimes we arrive just on time or a little late, but do you think we can get there a little earlier?”


“Sure” I said, “any particular reason why?”


He replied in a way that only a ten year old can.  His candour is what reminds me of the great deal of reflection and the innocence of a young boy.

  He said “I don’t want to get to the dressing room after the other goalies.  If I get there first then I won’t have to decide who to sit beside.  It’s hard when you have so many friends.”


Sometimes making a team has different importances to different people.

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