A Clown, E.T. and Love by: Dr. Rod Kirk

It was a clown who introduced us.  I hung out with a friend who practiced magic and eventually went on to make a living as a clown. For any of you who know my wife and me that makes for a perfect beginning. In the age of internet dating I don’t believe there are too many people who can say they met there significant other with the aid of a clown. I was off to junior hockey camp and was not really looking for a relationship- after all I just turned 17.  When my clown friend went over to see one of his friends, I tagged along and met my future wife. Of course I didn’t know that at the time or so I thought. You see when I first saw my wife there was a connection well beyond anything that I could logically explain or understand.  The clown his ex girlfriend my future wife and myself had a wonderful time laughing and talking that evening.   When we left I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Every second of the day I kept thinking of her. The funny thing is that feeling hasn’t gone away.  Before leaving for junior hockey tryouts I needed to see her again. I decide to go to her work and ask her out on a date. I fluffed up my long curly hockey hair, jumped into my dads sporty K-Car and sped off to Wendy’s restaurant, where my future wife worked – as crew leader I may add ( Just re-read the last sentence and I think that is the funniest thing I ever wrote down on a piece of paper).  I eased my way to the cash and just ordered a Sprite, at the time I felt it was the most mature drink to order- the crazy things we do when we are in love.We went to see E.T on our first date, that way I knew I would be better looking then the lead in the movie. The date wasn’t over and I already missed her. That’s when you know you love someone, you miss them before they leave you.Two different high schools, she went to Mac and I went to Guelph. She went to Nippissing teachers college and I went to Chicago to start my chiropractic schooling.  All the time we were apart she never left me, she is always with me. That’s when you know you are in love.

Some don’t believe in soul mates. I do. I feel my wife’s presence in everything I do. She breathes her life into my existence everyday. She is a wonderful wife, friend, mother and teacher. I love her with all my being and when I am with her we laugh like clowns and I feel at home like E.T.

Alayne Happy Valentines Day, I felt like sharing how I feel about you with the world -143 Rod.

2 thoughts on “A Clown, E.T. and Love by: Dr. Rod Kirk

  1. Oh my God Rod, I always knew you were an extraordinary man. This goes way beyond! I hope Alayne realizes that she got one of the few good ones out there. It made me cry, in a good way of course. You guys are truly one of those “perfect” couples.

  2. Hey Rod, What is there to say other then that those around you are very fortunate to know either of you and to be around to share in such good fortune.

    I hope that you both take the time to assist others with their efforts to find such comfort and security as it does not come around easily or often in life.

    Along with ourselves, we know of only a handful of other couples that have been so lucky to find each other and that are blessed to have this same kizmet and energy. As we had stated when we spoke last, it is funny that we are drawn and we deliberately search out these friends and family members and we prefer to hang our hats in their company.

    Life is to short to be angry and closed and I think that you are both very very lucky.

    A smile is so cheap to create and give to another yet it could be worth so so much to the person that really needs it that day.

    Rod, keep up the GREAT work and keep living the dream. people watch and they learn and if more people could mirror your attitude and drive, this world would be a much much better place to live..

    Merry Christmas from our family to yours..

    SS, GG and the Brats!!!

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