Is There Really Nothing To Write About? By: Dr. Rod Kirk

Well I didn’t think it would be that soon but I am having my first experience of writers block.  You heard me I have nothing to say.  Ever since I participated in a life coaching program I began writing.  I have learned to use my journal to capture many of my deepest thoughts, philosophies and reflections.  For the majority of time I rarely struggled with things to reflect upon.  I generally experience my day with the intrigue to identify the little things in my world that move or inspire me.  I often see the world and it’s subtle meaning in my personal quirky way.   The difference this time is I have a deadline to produce material for my blog.  To keep my blog fresh and alive I have been instructed and have researched that I ‘should’ produce a new post a least once a week.  The problem with that type of request is that it is directed at me.  You see as an instinctively driven individual most of my thoughts and insight just pop into my head.  What I have learned to do is simply capture them and write them down.  Now when I am required to write something down I struggle because I am trying to write from my ‘head’ rather then my ‘heart’. I recently figured this out after having a brief conversation with one of the parents on our hockey team.  (I will leave all names out because I don’t want people to stop talking to me in fear that I will write something about them).   Jokingly, I was told to stop writing those stories because they made her tearful.  I guess they pulled at her ‘heart strings’.  Well to let you in on a little secret every time I read my own personal stories my eyes swell up.  So that’s it – I need to focus from the heart not the head when I write.   So when I look at the world using my heart as a lens I generally see things differently.  Today I saw the universe deliver piles of snow.  I watched it come down from the heaven above and smother us in a warm blanket of white.  My children came down the stairs for breakfast and I was blessed by their presence.  I was privileged to share a coffee and a car ride with my glorious wife as I dropped her off at school.  My daughter negotiated an extra cookie in her, and her brother’s lunch today.  The neighbour’s cat came up to our back window to say ‘hi’ to Atlas our cat.  I used my snow-blower to shovel myself out and the older gentleman at the end of street. I then spent an hour at the passport office where I was able to look around at all the people in the waiting area.  Different walks of life all with their own life stories.  Their stories may be sad or they could be happy, nevertheless they are stories.  As I waited I saw how life and the connection to others could pass unnoticably by the workers.  I wondered if the passport employees ever paused in their routine of the day, to reflect.  I wonder if any of you pause to reflect.  And, if you do pause to reflect do you share them with others.  I truly believe that when we stop and reflect we see the brilliance of all that surrounds us.  Life some times comes ‘at’ us and we simply learn to navigate it.  We pass through life as if we are on a Subway watching the stops go by, failing to get off at a different stop in fear of what it may bring.  We often don’t speak from our hearts to others in fear of what the reaction may be.  But, this time I want to thank the parent who truly spoke from her heart to help inspire this story.  

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