Winning in Life – Home From The Tourney by: Dr. Rod Kirk

Well we always think it’s about winning and losing. But, sometimes it’s about something you just can’t put your finger on. I learned this again from my son. You see we just got back from our hockey tourney in Michigan. We played well as a team and kind of let two separate games get away from us in literally the final seconds. Frustrating as it may be there is always something to learn. As parents and coaches we have the answer. We should skate, pass and fight harder for the puck. It’s normal for us to pass comment. Try and teach our kids how to finish, win or bury the other team. A little more discipline or commitment and we can be more successful. A little more attention to detail and we can become champions in sport and in life. Where does that little ingredient come from that separates the elite from the average, the superstars from the elite? For most of us, we felt a void leaving the tournament. The kids were better then their outcome. For most of the timed the kids played better then their competition. So, where does the sense of loss come from? It felt like a simple let down – similar to the answer ‘no’ to a straightforward request. You know what I mean. “Dad can I stay up a little later” they often ask. And, as good parents we reply ‘NO’. It was a lost opportunity without a second chance. We stopped on the way home to do some shopping and my son Fraser raced up to hold my hand. “You know what dad?” he said. “I already miss the hotel and my team-mates.” Not one word about the same void I had about the same weekend. Sure I had a great time. We have great parents and coaches on the team, and we had a blast. But, still felt the empty space. My son, on the other hand, filled his void with the things most important in life, his friends and experiences. I’m uncertain who taught me this life lesson – hockey or my son? Thanks to my son, daughter, wife and the rest of the parents and coaches for loving the same things I do.

2 thoughts on “Winning in Life – Home From The Tourney by: Dr. Rod Kirk

  1. Rod that was one amazing article – It brought tears to my eyes!!! It is so true though…while we parents tend to look at the technical side of things and the overall outcome “winning and loosing” our children look at it as a chance to bond with their buddies and an opportunity to experience new adventures.

    I think in the end we just want our kids to view the big game as a great opportunity to improve as a player. I know Ryan and I want Connor to look forward to stepping out onto that ice and to get excited! – not nervous. Enjoy the moment and concentrate only on doing your best and not about winning or loosing although winning is really fun..LOL!

    It’s great to read your stories and view things through your eyes – keep up the great work and I have book marked the blog to visit again in the future!

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