Introduction To My Blog by: Dr. Rod Kirk

Well after many years of contemplation and a few months of production, I am pleased to announce the beginning of my personal blog site.  For most of you who already know me, I generally have something to say.  For those of you that don’t, it’s true, I do.            The one important thing about my blog is it will not be an electronic version of a complaint department.            It is with great energy that I will promote the site as a place for insight and perspective.  It may not always have answers, but I hope it generates questions.            To become a site that will ultimately promote change in everyone, it must first make us ask questions of ourselves.  To ask questions of ourselves and seek the truth from within, we enable ourselves to understand the world around us.  When we better ourselves we ultimately bring change to those around us.  The power to live a happy fulfilled loving purposeful driven life lies within each and every one of us.            I am continuing my journey by sharing and journalizing my life on my blog. With your support, insight and feedback I hope to help people evolve their lives forever.            It is my mission to make this site the largest resource in the world.  I want people to express themselves in a constructive forgiving environment that ultimately impacts others towards personal improvement.            I look forward to our journey.

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