Achieving True Wellness by: Dr. Rod Kirk

Can you imagine if your entire life improved by 10%?What if your energy, sleep, healing ability, and immune function were all improved by 10%? How about a 10% improvement in hormonal balance and digestion efficiency? If your entire body was functioning 10% better it would make a huge difference. You would enjoy a much happier, healthier, energetic life! What is it that some people know about ChiropracticWellness Care that others don’t? Why do they receive Chiropractic Wellness Care to help them be their best and healthiest? The answer is that these people know health is not just how they feel. They know that you can feel perfectly fine, and still not be healthy. Did you ever know someone who thought they were healthy and then all of a sudden had a heart attack? Do you know anyone who felt fine one day and then, what seems like all of a sudden, was diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or a herniated disc? True chiropractic wellness patients fully understand the relationship between their nerve system and the function of every cell, tissue, and organ of their body. How do you digest your food to get the maximum intake of nutrients your body needs to function properly? How does your heart know how fast to beat when you are exercising in order to supply appropriate oxygen to all the cells in your body? How does your body know what hormones to produce and when it’s time to go to the bathroom?Every function of your body is controlled and regulated by your nervous system. Your brain takes in all the information from the environment and sends out signals that trigger the appropriate response by your body. As long as there is no interference to this system, the brain<receives the correct signals, and in turn sends out thecorrect response. The result is a healthy human being with unlimited abilities and human potential.Unfortunately, if there is interference to this pathway, it acts like static on a telephone line and all the body functions become reduced. Dr. Chung Ha Suh, a researcher from the University of Colorado, found that 45mm. of mercury pressure, roughly the weight of a quarter, is enough to reduce the function of that nerve to 40 percent of its original value. We’ve already seen the significance of 10%; can you imagine the effect of 40%? Removing this interference is a serious health issue. Chiropractic care is essential for wellness. Chiropractic removes interference from your nervous system. Chiropractic Wellness Care keeps your spine and nervous system free from interference so that your body can function at its best all the time. This is why chiropractic wellness patients receive chiropractic wellness care, and make chiropractic care a family priority.

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